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Thumb preloader background2 By Alena Hadley • For Wayne and Maria's trip to Manarola, La Spezia, Italy
"Start your trip in super chic Milan; with a day or two of travel time in this cosmopolitan city, you’ll have some time to see the major sights and do a little shopping. I’ll help you uncover some retail secrets in this fashion capital. Once in Cinque Terre, you’ll be equipped with all the information you need to successfully hike the famous Blue Trail that runs between the five towns. I’ll tell you where to try the local delicacies and the unique wines that make this region an incredible culinary destination. Seven days in this area also leaves you plenty of time for exciting day trips. I’ll guide you through authentic Genoa, a hidden gem that has successfully flown under the country’s tourism radar, and thus offers visitors the quintessential Italy experience. And for a taste of classic Tuscany, you can uncover the charms of nearby Lucca. Stunning Lake Como has its fair share of hidden treasures. I’ll tell you about a lakeside hike that offers stunning views as it winds its way through tiny towns that are completely devoid of tourists. I’ll also show you exotic gardens, historic villas, and the best places to try Lombard food staples like risotto, gorgonzola, and polenta. On both the Cinque Terre and Lake Como, I'll help you enjoy your watery surroundings with tips on boating rentals and swimming locations, should the water be warm enough."
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I blog at http://thetriparchitect.com

I thrive on designing exciting and creative travel itineraries -- trips that combine classic travel experiences with offbeat adventures and tucked-away surprises. I believe in taking the road less-traveled, sampling the best food and drink that a destination has to offer, going on long walks with incredible views, and exploring hidden towns and neighborhoods.

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