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flydubai (Arabic: فلاي دبي‎), legally Dubai Aviation Corporation (Arabic: مؤسسة دبي للطيران‎), is a government-owned low-cost airline with its head office and flight operations in Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport. The airline operates between a total of 95 destinations, serving the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe from Dubai.

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Flydubai Airline Azerbaijan Destinations

Below is a list of the most popular destinations Flydubai flies from Azerbaijan. Choose Flydubai airline, to receive world class service while travel or business trip.

Flydubai Base Heydar Aliyev International Airport

  • Airport Name: Heydar Aliyev International Airport
  • Country Code: AZ
  • City Code: BAK
  • Airport Code: GYD
  • Flightable: true
  • Time Zone: Asia/Baku
  • Latitude: 40.462486
  • Longitude: 50.05039