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OJSC SAT Airlines — Sakhalinskie Aviatrassy (Russian: Сахалинские Авиатрассы), commonly known as SAT Airlines, was an airline based in Sakhalin, Russia. It provided scheduled regional air services in Russia’s Far East and to destinations in China, South Korea and Japan. Other services included charter flights, search and rescue operations, firefighting and aerial patrols. Its main base was Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport. The airline was amalgamated with Vladivostok Air to form new carrier Aurora in October 2013, the new company retained SAT Airlines IATA and ICAO codes.

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Airline Brand Name: SAT Airlines


SAT Airlines Airline Japan Destinations

Below is a list of the most popular destinations SAT Airlines flies from Japan. Choose SAT Airlines airline, to receive world class service while travel or business trip.

SAT Airlines Base New Chitose Airport

  • Airport Name: New Chitose Airport
  • Country Code: JP
  • City Code: SPK
  • Airport Code: CTS
  • Flightable: true
  • Time Zone: Asia/Tokyo
  • Latitude: 42.78728
  • Longitude: 141.68134