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Far Eastern Air (EF) Information

FAT Taiwan Inc., (Chinese: 遠東航空) doing business as Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT), is an airline with its head office in Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China). Established in 1957, it operated domestic services from Taipei and Kaohsiung to five regional cities and international services to Southeast Asia, South Korea and Palau. Its main base was Taipei Songshan Airport. After a succession of financial crises in early 2008, the airline publicly announced its bankruptcy and stopped all flights with effect from 13 May 2008. The airline recommenced operations on 18 April 2011. The airline emerged from bankruptcy restructuring on 16 October 2015.

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Airline Brand Name: Far Eastern Air


Far Eastern Air Airline Russia Destinations

Below is a list of the most popular destinations Far Eastern Air flies from Russia. Choose Far Eastern Air airline, to receive world class service while travel or business trip.

Far Eastern Air Base Ulan-Ude Airport

Weather: [simple-weather location=”Ulan-Ude, Russia” days=”1″]
  • Airport Name: Ulan-Ude Airport
  • Country Code: RU
  • City Code: UUD
  • Airport Code: UUD
  • Flightable: true
  • Time Zone: Asia/Irkutsk
  • Latitude: 51.833332
  • Longitude: 107.5