CRKT Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife: Compact Fixed Blade Knife, Folts Utility Knife with Bead Blast Blade, Resin Infused Fiber Handle, and Sheath 2387
SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife - Instinct Boot Knife, EDC Knife, Neck Knife, 2.3 Inch Full Tang Blade w/ Knife Sheath and Clip, 4in. x 1in. x 8.5in. (NB1012-CP)
Master USA MU-1119GC Tactical Neck Knife, Black Blade, Cord-Wrapped Steel Handle, 6.75-Inch Overall
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CRKT Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife
SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife
MASTER USA Tactical Neck Knife
Ka-Bar BK11 Becker Necker Neck Knife
MTECH USA Fixed Blade Neck Knife
Columbia River Knife & Tool
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CRKT Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife: Compact Fixed Blade Knife, Folts Utility Knife with Bead Blast Blade, Resin Infused Fiber Handle, and Sheath 2387
CRKT Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife
Columbia River Knife & Tool
Prime Benefits
SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife - Instinct Boot Knife, EDC Knife, Neck Knife, 2.3 Inch Full Tang Blade w/ Knife Sheath and Clip, 4in. x 1in. x 8.5in. (NB1012-CP)
SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife
Prime Benefits
Price not available
Master USA MU-1119GC Tactical Neck Knife, Black Blade, Cord-Wrapped Steel Handle, 6.75-Inch Overall
MASTER USA Tactical Neck Knife
Prime Benefits
Ka-Bar BK11 Becker Necker Neck Knife , Black
Ka-Bar BK11 Becker Necker Neck Knife
Prime Benefits
MTech USA MT-588BK Fixed Blade Neck Knife, Black Blade and Grenade-Style Handle, 4-1/4-Inch Overall
MTECH USA Fixed Blade Neck Knife
Prime Benefits

Neck Knife to Carry or Not to Carry?

morning guys I’m Dave Canterbury with
self-reliance Outfitters in the
Pathfinder school I had a buddy of mine
a maritime spook asked me to shoot this
video and probably is a video I should
have shot awhile ago anyway because
there seems to be a lot of confusion on
my viewpoints lots of people seem to
take what I say very literally in videos
sometimes even when I’m stating an
opinion but that’s beside the point so
the question was is to carry or not
carry a neck knife or to put a knife
around your neck
or not wear a knife around your neck and
really to me that’s a very subjective
question I choose not to do it while I’m
walking through the woods and the reason
for that really is just because anything
hanging off your body seems to get hung
up on every briar bramble and everything
that you walk through it’s the same
reason I don’t like to have a bunch of
junk on my knife sheath like feral rods
and things like that when I’m walking
through the woods because I don’t like
things catching on things I like narrow
backpacks because in Eastern woodlands
we have very thick underbrush anything
that you’ve got hanging off your body
even your hat my hat gets caught on
briars and brambles ripped off my head
more times than I can count a lot of
times so anything I can do to minimize
that I’d like to do now you could say
well you can just tuck that knife and
we’ll just use we’ll just use the knife
that I’ve got on here today we’re going
to talk about and the reason I chose
this knife is just for the adaptability
purposes of being able to show you some
things is the companion HD by Moore and
right this is really one of their most
underrated knives I think and again it’s
the companion HD model it’s not the
normal companion it’s got a thicker
spine than the regular model does and
you know while we’re on this video about
hanging knives around your neck I really
think that these more sheets are very
underrated as well a lot of people try
to put these things in kayaks and
leather and I just love Moore’s plastic
sheets so for sure adaptability I just
went from having a dangler loop on this
thing and we’ll talk about that in just
a minute
now I can just snap that thing around my
neck now you could say that you know if
you want to avoid this thing hanging up
on stuff you can just stick it inside
your shirt and you could absolutely do
that the reason I don’t do that and
sometimes I overanalyze things is
because now I’ve got moisture inside
that I’m working
away from my body when I’m sweating and
walking that is going to collect on that
knife one way or another whether you’ve
got it in kayaks whether you’ve got it
in leather or whether you’ve got it in
plastic with a drain hole it’s going to
collect moisture over time which just
means more maintenance for carbon steel
life so I don’t like to just tuck it
inside now when I’m working around camp
if I’m sitting and I’m not moving
through the woods and things like that I
wear a neck knife quite a bit of the
just because of ease of getting at the
knife to be able to do find work and put
it back in the sheath when I’m not using
it so I don’t have to worry about
fishing around trying to get it in and
out of a belt sheath if I’m doing a lot
of work with the knife that requires put
picking it up putting it down picking it
up putting it down and I want a safe
place to keep that knife that’s a great
reason to carry a neck knife and again I
think it’s more environmental and
there’s no wrong choice there if I were
walking through a snow-covered area
without a bunch of thick underbrush and
things like that the chance of this
getting hung up on anything or nil but
again if it’s around your neck it’s
swinging around so the solution to that
goes back to sticking it inside your
shirt which goes right back to what I
talked about about the knife collecting
moisture especially if it’s a high
carbon steel blade which I try to avoid
at all costs
again because less maintenance so do I
think there’s something wrong with
carrying a knife around your neck no do
I choose to do it not unless I’m in a
camp environment where I’m not walking
around and exerting myself or have a
chance on it catching something in the
woods then I’ll carry it around my neck
and it’s very easily adaptable for that
purpose and that’s why I like these more
she’s so well because they’re so
adaptable so now let’s talk real quick
about a couple other things you know one
thing that you can do with this knife
it’s got this hole in the back of it and
some people don’t even realize what
that’s for and that’s okay but that hole
is made to go over a button so if you’re
wearing a jacket like this hasta that’s
got that button on it you can put that
sheath right on there and snap it down
on it and you can have your knife right
there around camp instead of having to
worry around your neck if you choose to
do so it’s easy enough just to pull it
off your belt snap it up there while
you’re using it and fiddling with things
and then put it back on your belt when
you’re done and snap it off of there put
it back on your belt when you’re done if
you prefer a dangler
it’s very easy just to put a loop of
paracord inside this thing and now
you’ve got a dangler and I do that a lot
of times but I don’t necessarily carry
it as a dangler and I’ll show you what I
do a lot of times here in a minute but
the adaptability of the sheath to me
makes it a great option and the fact
that it’s very very durable over time I
saw a video that a guy put out a few
years ago and it’s been a few years
since I saw the video so I can’t give
the guy credit but he was talking about
different ways that he carries the
companion and I think that it’s a good
thing to look at if you can find the
video because he also talked about you
know taking a bigger loop and put it
over your shoulder and hanging that
thing on there like a baldric type rig
and I think that’s probably a good idea
too the good thing about this is the
adaptability of the sheath so let’s get
back down here and I’ll get the camera
down on my belt we’ll talk about a
couple different belt carry options or
gene or pocket carry options as well
with this knife okay so if I want to
just have a dangler loop I can just put
that thing through the loop that I
created with a piece of paracord on my
belt just like that the other thing that
that loop affords for me because I’m not
a real big fan of the dangler carry
because I don’t like things flopping
around like I said before I’m not a big
fan of having things flopping around
that might get caught on things when I’m
walking through brush but what I can do
with this because I’ve got this Dengler
loop right at pocket level is I can also
take and hook this thing right in my
pocket just like this so it’s not
flopping around but if for some reason
it were to come out of my pocket which
it would be pretty difficult to make
that happen because of the way the
sheath is built but if it were to come
out it’s not gonna fall off in the woods
somewhere because it’s still connected
to my belt so that’s a good option now
you can also just put that thing right
down on your pocket if you want to just
like that and hook it on you can hook it
directly to a pocket and on a pair of
jeans you really kind of have two
options you can hook it to the lower
pocket so it’s a lower carry or you can
pick that thing up and put it in that
little mini pocket right there just like
this for a little bit higher carry if
that’s what you wanted to do like this
or you can move it up onto the belt if
that’s what you chose to do so you
really have three different height
levels that you can adjust that sheath
to very very easily on a pair of jeans
and that’s one of the things that I find
really great about this sheath as well
as its adaptability to be able to be
carried so many different ways I really
like that again that’s about my favorite
way to carry it right there is with that
dangler loop attached to my belt and the
actual knife stuck into the pocket and
you could also go down into a cargo
pocket if you wanted to if you have a
pair of carpenter jeans on like this you
can put that knife clear down here but I
generally carry my baccala planner there
or one of my folding saws and carry the
knife up here so there you go okay guys
well that was just a quick video on my
personal opinion about carrying a knife
around your neck and again I don’t think
there’s a wrong answer I think
everything is what you’re comfortable
with doing and your rationale for doing
what you do it’s just like everything
else in bushcraft there’s really nothing
new that’s been reinvented and there’s
really nothing that’s wrong if it works
for you that’s what the key is this
whole thing with bushcraft is what works
best for you now what I can tell you is
as far as neck knife carry and woodsman
of America I can find no real reference
other than possibly in historic
photographs of Native American people’s
having some type of small knife around
their neck but as far as American
woodsman go from writers all the way
back from nesic to Hyatt Verrill to
Horace Kephart and all through the
lineup to Ellsworth Jaeger I really
can’t find a reference to them carrying
a neck knife of any kind now if
somebody’s found that reference I’m sure
they’re gonna correct me on this video
but I can’t find those references in
those books to the rationale or the
reasoning or them saying hey it’s a
great idea to carry a neck knife guys
like more ski hang ski have carried neck
knives for years and I think that’s
great but again what I look at with
Moors is he’s a very very smart guy that
guy knows has probably forgotten more
than I’ll ever know and so when I look
at it I look at everything in context
most of the time when I see Morse having
a neck knife on
he’s in camp he’s seated in camp he’s
working with something I’ve never heard
him say hey I’m gonna take this neck
knife and go walk you know 10k through
the woods with this thing flopping
around my neck you know stuffing it in
my shirt to do the same thing I don’t
know that he wouldn’t do that but again
that’s a personal choice I think and
there’s no right or wrong there and I
think that understanding that is the
biggest part of understanding what we do
in bushcraft is that there’s really no
right or wrong answers there’s just
different ways of doing things and as
long as the way you do it works for you
then it’s fine the other thing I would
say would probably a good idea if you’re
gonna carry a neck knife configuration
of some sort would be to especially we
gonna carry it away from camp and over
distance would be instead of putting a
knot in the cord put some kind of a
liner or some kind of a cord lock on
this thing that could slip off if the
thing we’re really to get hung up on
something hard and you couldn’t get off
of it or you to fall when it was caught
on a branch or something like that it
would break away before you hit the
ground or before you put a big ligature
mark on the side of your neck because
that could be dangerous as well but I
don’t think I worry about that near as
much as I would worry about the thing
flopping around hanging up on brush when
I’m walking through things and getting
hung up like that that’s my main concern
along with the maintance factor of
sticking it inside my shirt when I am
exercising or trucking and things like
that that I’m gonna build up sweat so
anyway just a couple personal opinions
take it for what it’s worth I appreciate
your views I appreciate your support I
thank you for everything you do for a
school for a family for a business for
all of our sponsors instructors
affiliates and Friends I’ll be back to
another video as soon as I can
thanks guys

You are looking for a best neck knife that suits you or you want to inform yourself about different models?

Neck knives are small knives worn around the neck in the style of Scandinavian peoples. A neck knife is worn on a leather strap, paracord or a chain and is very well suited for lighter outdoor tasks.

A Neck Knife has many advantages, some of them are small, light, unobtrusive and still easy to reach. Despite their size, Neck Knives are small, sharp and effective cutting tools for outdoor use.

Wearing a neck knife is not necessarily a new phenomenon, nor is it the latest fad. The concept of a knife worn around the neck is ancient and is becoming more popular again lately because of the advantages of having a “cleaver” or “cape knife”, but more so later.

Here are the 5 most important factors that should be included in the decision-making process if you want to buy a neck knife:

#1 Design of Neck Knife

If you want to buy a Neck Knife you will notice that there are countless designs for neck knives. From bizarre shapes like the Extrema Ratio Neck Knife 3 to the typical shapes of a knife. Which design you choose depends primarily on the purpose of using a Neck Knive, but of course what you like.

So for what will you use a cape knife? Outdoor? Camping? Survival? Hunt? Self-defense? Bushcraft ?. Ask about your primary area of ​​application and you will find the right Neckknife for yourself.

#2 Scabbard

In a neck knife, the knife is as the name implies primarily worn around the neck. This means that her knife hanging dangling upside down in the vagina, which is worn by a paracord or leather strap or the like around your neck.

This scabbard is an integral part of a neck knife that you should hold your valuable knife at any price and keep the knife safely in place. The best way to test this is to take the scabbard of the necklace at the end and shake it vigorously. If nothing rattles and the knife is still firmly in its intended place in the vagina you do not need to worry only with your vagina around the neck to get home.

An excellent scabbard secures the neck knife against loss, but should also release it effortlessly. If you need your knife the most, you should not have to struggle to pull your knife.

#3 Weight

Nobody wants to have a heavy millstone hanging around his neck. Fortunately, most neck knives are very light and do not bother wearing them.

The weight you are ready to wear must be decided by everyone. In any case, a neck knife should be comfortable to wear because you will have it most of the time around your neck.

#4 Blade Material

The first thing that almost everyone pays attention to is what steel the blade is made of. Even with a Neckknife is not different. Of the steel grade used, one can assume the quality of the neck knife.

The sharpness, the resistance of the cutting edge and the corrosion resistance depending on the steel used. There are two variants: carbon steel or stainless steel. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages. While stainless steel has very high corrosion resistance, is cheaper and easier to maintain, carbon steel has a long blade life, but it needs regular care with a drop of oil to prevent rusting.

#5 Carrying System

Often, the carrying system of a neck knife is underestimated and simply stamped as an accessory to carry your knapsack. It is not for nothing that we call a neck-knife, it has the purpose to carry your knife around your neck.

There are several materials from which the collar can be made:

  • Leather belts.
  • Paracord.
  • Bolas.

Although they are not as strong as Paracord, they are a comfortable way to wear a neck knife. They are thin, versatile, easily shortenable, break under heavy load and thus prevent strangulation, if you get tangled up in an accident or fall with the string.

Paracord is just as versatile and much more resistant than ball chains, and you always have a piece of string for an emergency. However, you should always make sure that the string can be solved (by special stoppers or knots that release under tension) to avoid strangulation.

Also from time to time leather straps are used to carry. If they are suitable for the knife design, you can hang your Neckknife so quaint and traditional.

Examples of Very Good Neck Knives:

Below we present some very popular Neckknife that convinced us. Of course, there are still very good other neck knives. Nevertheless, we try to introduce some Neckknives here, from cheap to high quality and there should be something for everyone.

A neck knife should of course also be liked, but you should put the function in the foreground, in front of the mold. On other pages, we present you some knives for hanging more accurate and also put them through their paces.

Boker Magnum Neck Flash

  • Blade length: 7.2cm;
  • Total length: 16.5cm;
  • Knife weight: 46 g;
  • Blade Material: 420A;
  • Handle material: skeletonized with rubber coating;
  • Blade thickness: 2 mm.

Morakniv Eldris Neck Knife

  • Blade length: 5.6 cm;
  • Total length: 14.3 cm;
  • Knife weight: 80 g;
  • Blade Material: Sandvik 12C27 stainless;
  • Handle material: non-slip plastic;
  • Blade thickness: 2 mm.

Real Steel Hunter 165

  • Blade length: 6.8 cm;
  • Total length: 16.5 cm;
  • Knife weight: 91 g;
  • Blade Material: Sandvik 12C27 stainless;
  • Handle Material: G10;
  • Blade thickness: 3.5 mm.

Muela Neck Knife deer horn

  • Blade length: 7.3 cm;
  • Total length: 18.1 cm;
  • Knife weight: 53 g;
  • Blade material: 4116;
  • Handle Material: deer antler;
  • Blade thickness: 2.6 mm.

Esee Izula II Black

  • Blade length: 7 cm;
  • Total length: 17 cm;
  • Knife weight: 89 g;
  • Blade material: 1095;
  • Handle Material: Micarta;
  • Blade thickness: 4 mm.

CRKT Minimalist Bowie

  • Blade length: 5.4 cm;
  • Total length: 13 cm;
  • Knife weight: 45 g;
  • Blade Material: 5Cr15MoV;
  • Handle Material: Micarta;
  • Blade thickness: 2.7 mm.

Buy Neck Knife – it it Legal?

Neck Knives are freely available in Germany and may also be carried. Since 2008, however, a carry ban applies to certain types of knives. Although the possession and acquisition are not prohibited, these knives must not be worn in public.

Under the carrying, ban falls all folding knives with one-handed operation and locking blade, fixed knives with a blade length over 12 cm. In addition, all knives, and daggers with a double-edged blade, as well as Faustmesser (cross-grip) as these are generally regarded as a weapon.
Benefits of a Neck Knife

Like everything else in the world, Neck Knives has pros and cons. Here’s a quick look at the benefits of a knife to put on:

  • Easy to carry.
  • Whether for camping, bushcraft, survival, etc. – with a Neckknife you have a handy tool that is easy to carry. You only need to hang your neck and you are ready.
  • Excellent size and weight.
  • Neck Knives have a great, compact size for most activities and are also lightweight. Ideal to wear discreetly anytime and have access to the knife when you need it.
  • Always there.
  • It can be quite difficult to find a fixed knife that you can always have with you. But a neck knife is perfect for this purpose. Unobtrusive you have with a neck knife the possibility of a fixed knife always and easily accessible if you need it to wear.
  • Very sharp.
  • A knife needs to be sharp, and though these small knives look small and like a tool, you’ll be surprised how sharp some of these neck knives are.


The number of outdoor enthusiasts who buy a Neckknife or are interested in these “neck knives” is constantly increasing and the manufacturers are coming to this trend more and more. A neck knife is an ideal tool for outdoors, which scores with its size and low weight. It does not always have to be a big knife, even these small knives perform many activities more than satisfactory.

But even a neck knife has its limits and for some tasks, a larger and more stable knife is needed. It does not matter if you take it as a first, second or third knife and you have to decide for yourself, but these legal, small fixed knives are worth considering.

Of course, performance and robustness play a crucial role for customers buying a neck knife and doing it right. neck knife should fulfill a certain life and not break after a short time. The neck knife test shows which products are particularly robust and therefore long-lasting. Properties and quality of individual manufacturers are compared. Thus, the neck-knife comparison tells you which brands, areas of application, services, settings, and sizes of neck knives are offered and which ones would be best suited for you.

Although the choice is very large and this does not make your decision much easier, you can limit the selection by your expectations and personal expectations. Customer reviews will also be a great help when making a purchase decision, but you must not disregard your own needs and requirements.

Orient Yourself to Customer Reviews

A very important point in the neck knife comparison are the opinions and ratings of other customers who have already bought the product and thus have experience. So it’s only for you to look at them or to read them. The numerous customer reviews on the neck knife comparison give you an overview of the product details, the handling and the quality of the respective product. Certainly, opinions can vary depending on your requirements. In the customer reviews, pay attention to the needs of the customers and whether they match your demands. Compare the advantages and disadvantages while respecting your wishes. Do not let the many reviews of a product put you off. For the most part, having a product with a lot of reviews is a good thing.

Compare Manufacturers

The neck knife test gives you details about the products of both renowned and lesser-known manufacturers. These details are very important for your decision to buy a neck knife because if you know them, you can make the right decision. You’ll find out from the neck knife test that not only performance in the price issue is important, but also that the brand name also influences prices.

It often happens that manufacturers who have made a name for themselves over the years through quality and performance demand a higher price for the same performance as unknown brands. While this is not true for every product, it is recommended that you take a closer look at the details of the products before buying a neck knife. Some manufacturers, who have not been producing for a long time and are more likely to advertise lower prices, can nevertheless convince with quality and performance.

Consider Only Serious Neck Knife Tests

To avoid a bad buy, you should compare the product details available with the neck knife test. To make your neck knife comparison, would be too cumbersome for each customer. However, you should not rely on any rating. Be sure to get product details from multiple independent institution tests. At reputable institutions such as Stiftung Warentest, the products are being tested by the right experts.

Products price updated on 2021-05-06 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate a OutTrippin earns from qualifying purchases.