Periea Purse Organizer Insert Handbag Organizer - Chelsy - 28 Colors Available - Small, Medium or Large (Black, Medium)
Purse Organzier, Bag Organizer with Metal Zipper (Medium, Black)
Vercord Purse Organizer Insert Handbag Organizer Bag in Bag 13 Pockets Black Small
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Periea Purse Organizer Insert
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Vercord Purse Organizer
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Olunsu Purse Organizer Insert
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Periea Purse Organizer Insert Handbag Organizer - Chelsy - 28 Colors Available - Small, Medium or Large (Black, Medium)
Periea Purse Organizer Insert
Prime Benefits
Purse Organzier, Bag Organizer with Metal Zipper (Medium, Black)
ZTUJO Purse Organizer Insert
Prime Benefits
Vercord Purse Organizer Insert Handbag Organizer Bag in Bag 13 Pockets Black Small
Vercord Purse Organizer
Prime Benefits
Felt Insert Bag Organizer Bag In Bag For Handbag Purse Organizer Fits Speedy Neverfull RED MEDIUM
LEXSION Felt Fabric Purse Organizer Insert
Prime Benefits
Purse Organizer Insert Felt Handbag Tote Organizer for Speedy Neverfull Gracefull
Olunsu Purse Organizer Insert
Prime Benefits

Handbag Organizer Comparison & Review

hi guys welcome back to my Channel today
I’m going to giving a video reviewing
and comparing and giving a
recommendation ultimately of which
handbag organizer I think is the best I
have one for my speedy three here and
then I also have one for my never full I
never pull is a GM size I did order from
some orga and then my C one is from
original club so I’m going to go over a
lots of information which one I think is
the best I’ll go over the layout of them
how I pack it what sticks I’ll go over
prices I was a sloven lots of
information so let’s get right into this
video ok so I did lots and lots of
research of what companies I thought
were the best and what companies have
the best organizer I think both are
really great but I definitely recommend
original Club you know like I said I
don’t think some organ is bad in any way
however I think there are lots and lots
of pros to the original club organizers
this video is 100% not sponsored but I
knew that I was going to be doing this
video for the last month or so so I
decided to actually reach out to
original Club last week and I said hey
I’m going to be filming this video
whether you respond back to me or not
but I will let you know that I am going
to be recommending your hair that
organizers and I was wondering if maybe
you had a discount quote or something
that I could offer my subscribers and
they immediately wrote back like really
fast in an hour and said yeah that’d be
amazing and here is a discount code you
can offer them it’s just welcome
seventeen I’ll have the discount code
listed down below I will not make any
money from this whatsoever it’s really
just to help you guys out and then I
think they were pleased that I was going
to be doing this video you know
recommending them so they said to me hey
we’ll send you a free organizer I don’t
really need another organizer so I
thought I could send one of them to you
so I said to them hey do you think maybe
we can just send it to one of my
subscribers and they thought that was a
really good idea so if anybody is
interested in winning and organizer for
free all you have to do is make sure
your subscriber of my channel like this
video and then go ahead and comment down
below what type of organizers you would
want just let me know if you’d want it
for the never fol to speedy totally
there’s all kind of different ones on
their website that they can make them
for and then go
let me know what color you’d like
because you can pick so many different
colors you can pick into the Crockett
red the beige you get two you get pink
like up the road Valerie pink they will
be offering it to different organizers
for this giveaway you just to whatever
one you think is best for your lifestyle
they are the most popular ones the first
one is one that does come with a round
border so that you can put a water
bottle in and has a process on the side
a place for your iPad the other one is a
compartmented style organizer which i
think is awesome a lot of people really
like this one too basically it has
different compartments that are actually
removable and I believe it’s by health
bro so depending on what you’re caring
for the day either have everything in
there or if you want to actually remove
certain sections you can do that as well
I’ll leave it open for two weeks just so
everybody has a chance to enter and then
as soon as the two weeks is up then I
will randomly pick a winner through and then I’ll immediately
reach out to that person and then I’ll
hook you up with original club and they
will ship you out an awesome awesome
handbag organizer and your life will be
organized alright so I’m going to go
ahead and get into comparing the two I
am going to fold up my CD one just
because it’s a lot lighter and a lot
smaller and you can probably see it a
little bit better since the never full
kind of swaps around a little bit but
both of my organizers are layout the
same so I have to round holders on
either side so that is what holds the
water bottle sippy cups in place and
then I have kind of like a big open spot
collect my wallet or my cosmetic pouch
or you know whatever life is kind of
larger that you like to put in your bags
that just goes in the center and then I
have talking along the side that I can
keep whatever I’m carrying like you know
how’s my six twenty holder lipgloss
floss hand sanitizer just whenever I’m
carrying that day a hairbrush I
definitely switch it in and out and then
I think this is really cool here this
little challenge here is really long and
you can fit in like an iPad or iPad Mini
this is a regular sized iPad and it has
flies in there perfectly so both of my
organizers are laid out that way this
one is obviously a lot bigger and this
one will actually fit my laptop so when
I travel like women airplane or whatever
carrying my laptop very well and that
obviously a bottle holder I’ve got
pockets and then a big big section just
to put throw stuff in still but yet
still be organized but still put some in
the center section now so Morga I think
as far as material goes their material
seems a little bit thinner than original
Club it’s not like it’s bad thin and you
can get a few different types let me go
to some orders website you can order
just the regular organized so or you can
get like a really really really thick
one and you have to pay extra for that
so just a regular standard some more
organizers typically run do about 50 ish
dollars it could be a little bit less if
you’re doing a very small handbag or it
could be a little bit more like 55 56
maybe even 60 depending on what hand
that you are getting now original Club
their prizes I think are way better but
yet their material is a lot thicker it’s
very sturdy it’s just you can tell it’s
very very well-made I think both are
well-made but you pay less for original
club and it’s still made really well so
that’s kind of another reason why I
definitely recommend them I paid for my
seat organizer I believe it was 39 on
maybe 40 41
it was definitely at least 10 to 15
dollars cheaper than some morges so I
thought that was awesome another thing
to consider is shipping now I know
things kind of fluctuate and change all
the time but when I ordered my Simorgh
ax it’s going so long to get here and I
know that’s obtained by now I think they
may have worked on trying to get things
out and get things shipped a lot faster
I don’t think it goes up and down but it
took weeks and weeks and weeks for me to
get this some more organizer I placed
the original Club order they made it
within I think it was five days and they
shipped it to me within five days and
then I bought it within a few days like
it was very very quick I think it does
depend like if you’re in Europe they
make these in Turkey that’s where
they’re based in Turkey and so if you
live in Europe I think you want to click
it in like a day like it’s super fast as
maybe one or two days and then if you
live in Canada or the US I think it’s
three or four business days
I don’t quote me exactly on the shipping
but it is like really fast they ship it
very quickly so that is awesome because
when you played in order you like what
it really fast both companies definitely
have a lot of different layouts you can
choose from George’s kind of depends
what you’re looking for definitely go to
the website there’s one that you can get
it actually zipper there’s ones that
have sections that are velcro and you
can actually remove them based on your
needs that day so I mean they they can
get like pretty technical and the prices
don’t really fluctuate that much I mean
a little bit but it’s really not that
much so like I said here is the way mine
and organized and I do want to do a
separate video on all of my handbag
essentials but all of the essential and
Zoe’s I have you see men of SL G’s but I
want to show you guys like my favorite
ones and which ones like I basically
just always carry on a regular basis
maybe that’s a redundant video I don’t
even care it’s just we all love handbag
essentials okay so here is my CD
bandolier at 30 and it has nothing in it
it’s a little bit you know go out to
here which I definitely love to swap
sometimes but I will show you what I do
to kind of you know slip in the
organizer so here is the organizer
completely empty and I’m just going to
go ahead and flip it right in to a my CD
so fit right in there and usually it’s a
lot easier to put the organizer in when
it’s empty because you do kind of have
to like squeeze it just a little bit to
to get it in the neverwell one is just
like clips right guys super easy but put
a CD you do have to pinch it this a
little bit so you just and you get kind
of like stick it in there sideways and
it looks harder than it is it’s really
easy so you just flip it in there voila
literally takes like five seconds and
there you go everything is in there
perfectly I love the red like I said
many times I feel like when I don’t have
an organizer I can never find my phone
I can never find my floss I can never
find a lipgloss whereas this when it’s
organized I immediately immediately have
it and then water bottles this is
awesome with the round holder you can
you can take water bottles or City cups
or whatever liquid you take and it just
picks right in there and I don’t know
it’s like I think people used to not be
able to carry 50 cups or water bottles
or whatever in a speed rubicon bag and
right hand so I just go ahead and zip it
right up and it is a very very nice bag
if you know structure on the bottom I
just think it looks really really great
with the organizer so I’m very pleased
with that so here is my memorable and
it’s totally empty right now as you can
see like completely empty which is nice
obviously they did design it that way so
to put this one in all you do is stick
it right in suddenly it is very very
organized it does still give you the
space that you can use the zipper so
it’s not too high you can’t access that
zipper compartment and everything so
that’s really good and I don’t know yeah
I pretty much always have it in there
unless I want to cinch the side then I
don’t have it in there and I have red
which I acquaintance know kind of
regretting that I bought a GM size
organizer because I read that if you get
an mm size even though you have a GM
never hole it would allow me to kind of
cinch the size a little bit more because
I can’t believe since the size when I’m
carrying the organizer I mean I can if
it’s a little bit harder so that’s just
you know something to consider obviously
if you’re going to mm size you had a
really big GM bag it would kind of maybe
move around a little bit so maybe that
wouldn’t be good I don’t know it’s just
something for you to consider and
something for you to think about okay so
that does it for this video I hope you
guys found it helpful and just kind of
seeing the differences between the two
comparing at the prices shipping the
different companies everything like I
said if anybody does want to try and win
a free organizer just make sure you
follow the little giveaway rules down
below make sure you’re subscribed or
explai the video and then go ahead and
comment down below but other than that I
will see you very soon in my next video
if anyone has any questions let me know
but yeah I will see you very soon in my
next video thanks for watching bye

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