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Belize Vacation

Belize is a state in Central America. Borders in the north with Mexico and in the west with Guatemala. The Caribbean Sea washes the eastern coast of Belize. The country’s territory is located in the eastern part of the Yucatan peninsula and is a coastal strip with a large number of lagoons and surrounded by reef islands, a lowland swampy plain in the north and center of the country, and a low mountain zone in the south. Today Belize is of great interest for fans of ecological tourism. An incredibly large number of rare plants, animals and birds have been preserved here. To preserve the pristine nature of the amazing Belizean nature, several national parks and reserves were created on the territory of the country. Many people from all over the world wish to visit this beautiful country and enjoy its magnificent scenery. Belize is excellent for families with children, as well as for exciting activities for young people extreme sports.

Belize Weather

Belize is located in the tropical climatic zone, so weather conditions are tropical trade winds. The average daily air temperature is about +26 C, while its slight variation in the season is observed. The north-east trade winds bring a large amount of precipitation to the territory of Belize, dividing the calendar year into two seasons – “dry” and “rainy”. The dry season lasts from November to April. Usually, at this time in the north of the country, there are about 1350 mm of precipitation, in the south a little more. During the rainy season, the amount of precipitation reaches up to 4000 mm in the southern part of Belize. It is interesting that the dry season in these parts of the country lasts only two months – February and March. The air in Belize has a constant high humidity (more than 80%). This is ensured by the proximity of the sea and excellent ecology. The water temperature in the Caribbean Sea near the coast of Belize does not fall below +23 C throughout the year. It is worth noting that during the period from June to November, tropical hurricanes become quite frequent on the territory of the country, which sometimes causes very serious damage. It is best to come to this country from January to May. At this time, the air temperature assumes the optimal value for the human body. Important is the absence during this period of torrential rains and hurricanes, which can interfere with your excellent rest.

Belize Travel Destinations

Belize Places to Visit

Despite its small size, Belize is one of the most beautiful countries in Central America. The diversity of the attractions of this country is amazing – dense selva and fertile valleys, colorful cities and original culture, green Caribbean islands and long coral reefs, countless sandy beaches along the coast and mountain ranges – all somehow fit in such a small area. And the abundance o...

We honeymooned in Belize too, You will not be disappointed!

My husband and I spent 4 blissful days in Belize during the first leg of our honeymoon too; you made a great choice in destination! Belize if the perfect balance of relaxation (which is much-needed after planning a wedding!) and adventure (jungles and beaches). Belize offers a little of everything and it is wise to sample a little of it all. I think you are smart for wanting to see the beaches, bu...