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Canada Vacation

Canada is a country in North America, occupying second place in the world concerning the area. It is washed by the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans and is bordered by the USA. Canada owns some islands – Baffin Island, Victoria, Ellesmere, Devon, Banks, Newfoundland and others. The central and eastern regions of the country are occupied by plains, in the west lies the powerful mountain system of the Cordillera. The country is covered with a dense and full-flowing river network. The real wealth of the country is the forest, consisting of coniferous species and occupying almost half of the territory of Canada.

Canada Weather

The climate in Canada is mostly temperate and subarctic and differs depending on the region. In the coastal provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island), winters are not so cold, and summers are not so hot due to the influence of the ocean. On the western coast of the country, the climate is affected by warm ocean currents, which, among other things, cause high humidity. In mountain regions, there are quite dry areas, despite the fact that in the mountains of Selkirk rains and snowfalls are frequent. In general, winters in the country are characterized by heavy snow and frost, and summer – moderate temperatures. The climate of Canada is so varied that peaches and grapes grow in the lower reaches of the Fraser River, then deer graze in the delta of Mackenzie. There – already the tundra. The warmest climate is along the border with the USA, and the hottest summer is in Manitoba, in the center, in the south of British Columbia and Ontario. In the vast territory of Canada, various resorts attract millions of tourists from all over the world.

Canada Travel Destinations

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