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Costa Rica Vacation

The Republic of Costa Rica is one of the states in Central America. It is located in the narrowest part of the isthmus, connecting the two continents. Costa Rica borders on two countries: Nicaragua in the north and the Republic of Panama in the southeast. The banks wash the Pacific Ocean from the south and west and the Caribbean Sea from the east. From the north to the south through the whole country stretch the mountain ranges, between them is the Central Plateau – here fertile soils, and it is here that half the population of Costa Rica lives. The mountains surrounding the plateau, mostly of volcanic origin, are also active volcanoes. The highest point is Chiripo (3’819 m), located in the south of the country. 550 km from the coast of Costa Rica in the Pacific Ocean is located the uninhabited island of Cocos – this is the world’s largest officially uninhabited island. This island is also the center of diving, thousands of tourists from all over the world come here every year to plunge into the crystal clear waters of the ocean.

Costa Rica Weather

Costa Rica is a small country, but it has several different climatic zones. In general, the local climate can be considered tropical and subtropical. For example, in Guanacaste province, located near the Pacific Ocean, the climate is dry, and in the province of Limon, near the Caribbean Sea, the climate is humid (and this despite the fact that the distance between them is only about 210 kilometers). The average annual air temperature is +21-27 С. The coldest months are November, December and January, and the hottest months are March, April and May. The rainy season lasts from May to November. Most precipitation falls in September and October. The dry season is from December to April.

Costa Rica Travel Destinations

Costa Rica Travel Guide

Costa Rica – a real paradise for those who are looking for interesting and exotic areas. This country is known for its incredible diversity of nature, and its unusual geography, because its beaches are washed by two oceans: the Atlantic and the Pacific. All this, as well as a developed tourist infrastructure attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world to Costa Rica. In this country yo...

Paradise and Adventure in Costa Rica’s Caribbean

Since you’ll be spending the bulk of your time in Nicaragua on the Pacific Coast, I’d like to suggest you start out in the Caribbean with stunning tropical palm fringed beaches and turquoise water. I will craft you an itinerary starting in the South Caribbean beaches where you can visit indigenous communities, hike in the jungle with monkeys and sloths, swim under waterfalls, snorkel j...