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England Vacation

England is located in the south of the island of Great Britain and occupies about two-thirds of its territory. In the west, it borders Wales, in the north – with Scotland. Currently, England is divided into nine large regions, which, in turn, consist of counties – there are only 48. The largest cities are London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool and Manchester. In England, most cities with the status of “city”, which is not surprising, since the very concept is of English origin. There are 51 of them, while in Scotland there are seven, in Wales, there are six, and in Northern Ireland, there are five. The North Sea washes England in the east, the English Channel in the south, the Celtic Sea and the Bristol Bay in the southwest and the Irish Sea in the north-west. The coastline is not rugged; there are many beaches, there are picturesque chalk cliffs. The country’s longest river, the Severn, flows through the country. Its length is 354 km, and the source is in Wales, in the Cambrian mountains. In England, there are many lakes and even there is a place called Lake District, where the largest lake is Windermere. But it is interesting that in Scotch Lake Loch Ness alone water is approximately twice as large as in all the lakes of England and Wales put together. The most common type of landscape in this part of the UK is the gentle hills. In the north, the Pennine Mountains are located, where Scopel Pike is located – the highest point in England (978 m). The country boasts a variety of natural beauties. These are, for example, the White Cliffs of Dover, the Jurassic Coast, the Rocky Land, the hills of South Downs and the North Downs, the Cheddar Gorge, the New Forest National Park, the Isle of Wight, etc. Also, the Cotswolds area is the “heart of England”, where many villages have preserved their traditional appearance.

England Weather

In England, a frequent phenomenon was an increased nebula. This is due to the moderate climate and increased humidity in the region. In winter, the temperature does not fall below 3 degrees, and in summer rarely rises above 20 degrees. Tourists who have ever visited this country know that the weather is especially deceptive in spring and summer. It is at these times of the year in the region there is a sharp temperature drop. The temperature depends on the flow of the Gulf Stream. In autumn the weather is cold only in the early morning and late evening. Rains here happen quite often. A lot of precipitation falls at the onset of autumn and winter. Spring is considered to be the driest time of the year. The capital – London – is the coldest region in the whole country, and the West is the warmest. The most favorable time for visiting England is from April to September.

England Travel Destinations

The Idyllic England of Your Dreams

With three days in London, you can fit in a diverse mix of classic sights and local experiences. My plan will show you how to see the major attractions on your list while leaving plenty of time to explore the tucked-away neighborhoods that give the city its charm. Take in a magnificent literary exhibit that displays early Charlotte Bronte and Lewis Carroll manuscripts next to Beatles lyrics scrawl...