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Germany Vacation

Germany is a country in Central Europe, bordering Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. It is washed by the North and Baltic seas. The territory of Germany is divided into three large areas, largely due to the nature of the relief: the North German Lowland – in the north, the mountains of Central Germany – in the center and the Alps – in the south. Most of the south-west of Germany is occupied by the Jura Mountains and the vast forest of the Black Forest (Black Forest). In the far south are the Bavarian Alps, where the highest point of Germany is – Zugspitze (2962 m). The main river is the Rhine, among the many tributaries of which are Main, Ruhr, Moselle, Neckar, and Lahn. Two other rivers are the Danube in the south of the country and the Elbe with a tributary of Neisse in the eastern part of Germany. There are not many big lakes in Germany. The largest is Lake Constance, partly lying in Austria and Switzerland.

Germany Weather

The climate of Germany is temperate with an average annual temperature of about 9C. The northern region is affected by marine weather systems and mitigates the climate. In the center of the country the climate is more continental: the winter is colder, and the summer is warmer. The warmest summer is in the Rhine Valley, and the coldest winters are in the Alps, in the south of the country. The average temperature in January in Berlin is from -3C to 2C, the average temperature in July is from 14C to 24C. Most precipitation falls in the south – 1980 mm per year, least – in the north: up to 710 mm in the year.

Germany Travel Destinations

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Being married to a Professional European Basketball Player made me instantly connect with your request. My job is always to schedule great sights, tours, eats, and trendy night spots, around his games, and time schedule. We have been living in Europe now for 8+ years and Germany for 2+. We are curently less than 2 hours from each of your travel destinations and have lived, and traveled extensively...