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Hungary Vacation

Hungary is a country in Central Europe bordering on Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. Almost in the middle of Hungary crosses the Danube River, east of another river – Tisza; both from north to south. Equally, divide the total area of ​​the country’s lowlands and mountains of medium height. Most of the right bank of the Danube is a hilly plain – Transdanubia, which is crossed by a strip of limestone mountains with plateau-like massifs and a height of 400-700 m. Along the northeastern border of Hungary stretches higher mountains reaching the maximum value in the Massa Massa. Here is the highest point of Hungary – Mount Kokesh (1015 m). West of the Danube is Lake Balaton – the largest not only in the country but also throughout Central Europe. This is the warmest lake in the region.

Hungary Weather

The climate in Hungary is determined by the influence of the western winds and the position of the country within the mountain arc of the Carpathians. In winter, the mountains prevent the movement of cold air masses from the north and north-east, so it is warmer than the eastern neighbors. Winter in the country is relatively mild; summer is long and hot. The average temperature of the hottest month is July + 24C, and the coldest month is -4C.

Hungary Travel Destinations

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