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Iceland Vacation

The Republic of Iceland is an island nation located in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean (north-west of the UK). The territory of the state consists of the island of Iceland and small islets near it. There are more than 120 glaciers щn the island, a large number of lakes and rivers. Iceland is also distinguished by a large number of volcanoes, craters and hot springs. Of the more than 100 volcanoes, 25 erupted in the last thousand years. The most famous among them are Hekla (1491 m) and Laki, which have about 100 craters.

Iceland Weather

The climate of Iceland is a cold sea (classification Cfc), according to Alisov also qualifies as a subarctic marine. However, the climatic conditions are mitigated by the North Atlantic Current, which runs along the southern and western coasts of the island. The weather is influenced by air masses from the Arctic and oceanic waters from the tropics and subtropics. Iceland also influences the climate of Arctic drift ice, which often accumulates at the northern and eastern shores of the island in winter and early spring, bringing a decrease in temperature and a decrease in precipitation. The weather is windy year-round, volatile, frequent drizzle and slight rains, snow often falls in winter and spring. Thunderstorms and heavy rains are rare. The annual amount of precipitation is from about 500 mm in Akureyri to more than 1500 mm on the Vestmannaeyar Islands. The wind speed in Iceland averages 18-20 m/s, in a storm, can exceed 50 m/s. Winter in Iceland for 60 northern latitudes is mild; the average temperature is about 0C. In summer, the average temperature is about + 10C. In mountainous inland areas at any time of the year is much colder. Because of the proximity to the Arctic Circle, the island is summer nights, and the days of winter are extremely short.

Iceland Travel Destinations

Putting the Sparkle in Your Champagne Birthday

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