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Italy Vacation

The Italian Republic is a state in the south of Europe. It borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. The mountains of the Dolomites that cross northern Italy are part of the Alps mountain chain. The Apennines pass through the center of Italy, extending from north to south and dividing the eastern and western coasts. As part of Italy, there are also two independent countries. The Vatican is the center of the Roman Catholic Church, and the smallest country in the world is San Marino, which is on the north coast of Italy and is an independent republic.

Italy Weather

Italy is located in a temperate and – for the most part – subtropical belt. Some factors have a determining effect on the climate of Italy: the Mediterranean Sea, a considerable extent from the north to the south (the elongation of the territory) and the predominance of mountain and hilly terrain. Here you can distinguish 3 climatic zones: in the area around Milan – moderately warm with cool winters and hot summers; in the mountainous regions (the Apennines and the Alps), the winter is cold and long, the summer is cool and short; the rest of the territory is mild and the summer is hot and dry. In the south of the mainland and on the islands the climate is subtropical.

Italy Travel Destinations

Italian Immersion

Start your trip in exciting Rome, where I’ll guide you to through major sites at a leisurely pace, so that you have plenty of time to wander through the city’s offbeat neighborhoods and gorgeous gardens, take in stunning views over the skyline, and savor long meals. Speaking of food, I’ll tell you about Rome’s bustling markets, its alimentari complete with wine tastings, cozy cappuccino spots, the...

Waterfront Wanderings

Start your trip in super chic Milan; with a day or two of travel time in this cosmopolitan city, you’ll have some time to see the major sights and do a little shopping. I’ll help you uncover some retail secrets in this fashion capital.