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Jamaica Vacation

Jamaica is an island nation in Central America (the Caribbean region). Together with Cuba, Haiti and Puerto Rico, Jamaica enters the archipelago of the Great Antilles of the West Indies. The southern coast of Jamaica is heavily dismembered, has good harbors that once served as a haven for pirates, but rimmed with reefs. The northern shore of the island is rocky, in the central part of it is a narrow strip of beaches – the so-called Jamaican Riviera. Most of the territory of Jamaica occupies a hilly limestone plateau, in the east of the island the Blue Mountains rise to 2256 m. Its high seismic activity distinguishes Jamaica.

Jamaica Weather

The climate in Jamaica is a tropical monsoon. Accordingly, in winter and summer the temperature is almost the same – on the coast from 24C to 35C, and in mountain regions from 17 to 27C. Thanks to the sea breeze, the heat is easily transferred. Water warms up to 24C … 26C above zero. From May to October, the rainy season lasts, during this period, hurricanes are possible. The best time to visit Jamaica is winter.

Jamaica Travel Destinations

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