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Morocco Vacation

The country is located in the extreme north-western part of the African continent. From Europe, it is separated only by the Strait of Gibraltar. Morocco has access to both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. The country’s area is 447 thousand square kilometers, the length of the Mediterranean coast is about 450 km. Washed in the north by the waters of the Mediterranean and in the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The Strait of Gibraltar separates Morocco from the mainland of Europe. Borders with Algeria. The south-eastern border in the Sahara desert is not exactly defined. On the northern coast of Morocco are the Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. In the center of Morocco is a group of mountains: the Middle Atlas and the High Atlas. The highest point is the snow-covered Jebel-Tub-Kal peak (4165 m). The main rivers of the country are Mulua, flowing into the Mediterranean Sea, and Cebu flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

Morocco Weather

In Morocco, there are several climatic zones. On the ocean coast you can go at any time of the year, but in the north of the country in winter the weather can sometimes present unpleasant surprises. The best time to travel in the central regions of Morocco is from October to April: at this time it is warm and sunny, and in the evenings a cool wind blows.

Morocco Travel Destinations

Experience the Magic of Morroco

A melange of cumin, cinnamon, and coriander wafts through the air. Terracotta earth crumbles beneath your feet. The call to prayer rings out and men clothed in intricate kaftans filter into the temple. Morocco is a magical land where tradition pervades. One step inside of the old city walls or beyond the development in the Atlas or Rif mountains transports you into a world that consumes your sense...