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Netherlands Vacation

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a Western European state bordered by the North Sea, bordering Germany and Belgium. More than 40% of the country’s surface lies below sea level (the highest point of the country is the city of Waalserbergh, 321 m, the lowest point is 6.7 m below sea level). Large areas in the coastal areas are occupied by “polders” – artificially washed parts of the earth, crossed by a lot of dams, rivers and canals.

Netherlands Weather

The sea climate prevails in the country with characteristic cool winters and warm summers. Winds and rains are a common occurrence for any season of the year. March is the driest month, the greatest amount of precipitation falls in July and August. The peak of the tourist season falls on three summer months. Many Dutch take holidays from the end of July, so you need to be prepared for a very lively traffic in this period. August is the time of festivals and holidays. The period from mid-March to May and from September to mid-October is the so-called off-season. Spring in the Netherlands awakens life, in April, daffodils blossom, in May – tulips.

Netherlands Travel Destinations

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