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New Zealand Vacation

New Zealand is a state in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, located on two large islands (North Island and South Island) and a large number (about 700) of adjacent smaller islands. The Kingdom of New Zealand includes independent island states of Cook Islands, Niue, as well as the non-self-governing territory of Tokelau and the Antarctic Territory of Rossa, independent in public administration but freely associated with New Zealand. The relief of New Zealand represents mostly uplands and mountains. More than 75% of the country lies at an altitude of more than 200 m above sea level. Most of the mountains of the North Island do not exceed 1800 m high, 19 peaks of the South Island are above 3000 m. Spacious valleys represent the coastal zones of the North Island. On the west coast of the South Island are the fjords.

New Zealand Weather

In New Zealand, the climate varies from the subtropical sea in the north to the temperate sea in the south. Due to the fact that New Zealand is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are opposite to our Northern Hemisphere seasons: the winter lasts from June to August, the summer from December to February. The average July temperature ranges from + 12C in the north to + 5C in the south, and the average January temperatures range from + 19C in the north to + 14C in the south. The climate of the northern island is more humid and warm, and the climate of the South Island is drier and cooler.

New Zealand Travel Destinations

A Walk on the Wild Side. With Wine

Transport might be the tricky bit about this itinerary; hire companies don’t like cars left down south, and you might just be too late in the year to take the east coast train. So my trip is based on travelling by bus. Day 1: Take the ferry from Welly. If the weather is fine, and you travel well at sea, the scenery is stunning, especially as you enter Queen Charlotte Sound. Look out for mari...

72 Hours to Discover Auckland’s Secrets

Auckland is a city of stunning contrasts: a cool, cosmopolitan cityscape around the bustling harbours of the “City of Sails”; wild and windswept west coast beaches; exotic native rainforest in the Waitakere Ranges; and the laid-back luxury of island wineries. For a weekend escape that takes you away from typical tourist traps, I’d recommend combining “further afield” ...