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Oman Vacation

Oman is a state in South-West Asia, in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. It is washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. The northern part of the country is mountainous (the highest point of the country is Jebel Shams, 3,333 m) and is quite heavily dismembered. Between the mountains and the Gulf of Oman stretches a narrow strip of coastal lowland of El Batin. The southern coast of Oman, washed by the Arabian Sea, is flatter and is occupied by stony-sand deserts on the outskirts of Rub al-Khali. Along the southern coast stretches the Jeddah al-Kharasis and Salalah plains, occupied by subtropical evergreen vegetation and mixed herbs.

Oman Weather

Most of the country is in a zone of tropical dry climate. Muscat (capital) has the reputation of the hottest city in the world – the average temperature of June here is more than +34C, in winter – about + 26C. Especially exhausting heat happens in the spring and early summer, when winds blow from the Rub-el-Khali desert. Summer winds often raise sandstorms. Precipitation falls from 25 to 500 mm per year. Due to the peculiarities of the relief, there are several regions in the country that are radically different regarding their climatic conditions from the main territory of Oman. The south-east coast has a pronounced subtropical climate regime. From mid-April to October, the average air temperature is about + 36C, with humidity reaching 96%. In the period from June to September here, as well as in the southern regions, monsoons “harif” from the Indian Ocean are blowing, bringing abundant precipitation. Winter temperatures are kept in the region of + 26-30C at the same high humidity. Internal desert regions have an average temperature in the summer around + 32C, in winter – + 27-29. At night, in winter, the temperature can drop to zero. Precipitation is not more than 100 mm per year. The best time to visit the country is from mid-October to mid-March.

Oman Travel Destinations

Oman – a rich heritage and raw natural beauty

Located on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, the ancient Sultanate of Oman is the jewel of the Arabian Peninsula. You have wisely chosen a place with a wide a selection of rich heritage sites and divergent terrains. Oman is paradise for the inquisitive explorer. Since the Stone Age man has lived amid the raw rustic beauty of this peaceful country and enjoyed its exquisite natural beaut...