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Puerto Rico Vacation

Puerto Rico is a country in the Caribbean, formerly one of the Spanish colonies, today the status of a Free Associate State, but located in a territory controlled by the United States. Regardless of the formal independence, America’s influence in these places is still appreciable: it teaches English, professes Catholicism, calculates in dollars – in general, they do everything to please a stronger neighbor. Puerto Rico is an island nation, with a large part of its population living on the island of the same name. The less important parts of the land that make up the country include the islands of Vieques, Descemeau, Caja de Muertos, Culebra and Mona.

Puerto Rico Weather

Puerto Rico refers to a zone with a mild tropical climate, which is characterized by insignificant temperature fluctuations. The average annual elevation of the thermometer in this part of the Caribbean does not fall below + 28C. From June to November, weather conditions deteriorate slightly due to the traditional arrival of Atlantic hurricanes.

Puerto Rico Travel Destinations

Beyond Your Average Beach Vacay

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