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Saint Lucia Island Vacation

Saint Lucia is an island nation located on the same island in the Windward Islands of the West Indies between the islands of Saint Vincent and Martinique. The island is washed from the north by the St. Lucia Strait, in the south by St. Vincent Strait, which connects the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. Saint Lucia is an island of volcanic origin. The axial part of the island is a low mountain, dismembered by valleys, along which numerous rivers and streams flow. The highest point of the island is Mount Zimi (950 m). On the west coast near the town of Soufriere are very picturesque densely forested cones of extinct volcanoes Gro-Piton (750 m) and Petit Piton (661 m). The heavily indented coastline forms a series of convenient bays.

Saint Lucia Weather

The climate is tropical trade winds, flat throughout the year. The average annual temperature is +26C in the daytime and +20…+24C at night. The average water temperature is +22…+25C. The dry season lasts from January to March, rainy season – from May to August. In late summer – early autumn, tropical hurricanes are possible. The dry season lasts from January to April, rainy from May to August. The amount of precipitation depends on the height of a certain area of ​​the island above sea level.

Saint Lucia Travel Destinations

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