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Slovakia Vacation

Slovakia is one of the youngest states in Europe. The capital, Bratislava, is a small and attractive city with an intense cultural life; The High Tatras are the same here as any other mountains in Eastern Europe, and in the villages of Slovakia the peasant traditions are still strong. Slovakia – this is an unusually clean air and healing springs, ice caves, comfortable hotels and cozy boarding houses, unique cultural and historical monuments, interesting castles, castles, manors, peculiar architecture, as well as folk art and folklore. Slovaks are very friendly to the tourists, and they are always ready to help you better know their country. It borders with the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria. There is no exit to the sea. Most of the country is mountainous (the highest point of the country is Genachowski-Shtit, 2655 m). One-third of the country is occupied by the fertile South Slovak and East-Slovak lowlands in the southeast and the Danube lowland east of Bratislava.

Slovakia Weather

Slovakia is in a temperate zone with a continental climate and a pronounced alternation of four seasons. The warmest of all is on the Danube lowland, which lies east of Bratislava. In July and August, daytime temperatures reach + 27 degrees Celsius, and at night about 15 degrees Celsius. In winter, light frosts occur at night – up to -4 degrees, and in the daytime, the temperature is above 0 (+2 .. + 4 degrees). The average temperature in January in the plains ranges from -1 C to -4 C, in July from +19 C to +21 C. Precipitation in the plains drops from 450 to 700 mm. per year (mainly in winter and in the off-season). At a height in the mountains during the ski season during the day, the air temperature can be -6 to -4 degrees, at night it drops to -10 degrees. Here, the greatest amount of precipitation is observed – 1600-2100 mm per year with a maximum in summer (about 200 mm per month), and the snow cover persists up to 4-5 months. The climate is continental. The average temperature in winter is minus 2 degrees, in summer – 21 degrees. The warmest and sunny weather is in the Danube lowland. The rainiest place – the mountains of the Tatra Mountains. Here there are only two seasons: winter and summer, spring and autumn pass very quickly, in a couple of weeks.

Slovakia Travel Destinations

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