Boston to New York Flights

Best Departing Flights from Boston to New York

Departure atTrip classStopsPriceDistanceFind tickets
07.03.2021EconomyDirect45 306 ml45
04.03.2021EconomyDirect45 306 ml45
03.03.2021Economy2 Stops101 306 ml101
03.03.2021Economy1 Stop64 306 ml64
04.03.2021Economy1 Stop91 306 ml91
15.03.2021EconomyDirect44 306 ml44
07.03.2021Economy1 Stop76 306 ml76
28.03.2021EconomyDirect45 306 ml45
28.03.2021Economy2 Stops95 306 ml95
22.03.2021Economy2 Stops88 306 ml88
22.03.2021Economy1 Stop56 306 ml56
06.03.2021Economy1 Stop89 306 ml89
08.03.2021Economy1 Stop55 306 ml55
15.03.2021Economy1 Stop56 306 ml56
05.03.2021Economy1 Stop103 306 ml103
12.03.2021EconomyDirect44 306 ml44
15.03.2021Economy2 Stops88 306 ml88
03.03.2021EconomyDirect55 306 ml55
05.03.2021Economy2 Stops103 306 ml103
01.03.2021Economy2 Stops144 306 ml144
12.03.2021Economy1 Stop65 306 ml65
04.03.2021Economy2 Stops118 306 ml118
08.03.2021Economy2 Stops101 306 ml101
22.03.2021EconomyDirect41 306 ml41
28.03.2021Economy1 Stop60 306 ml60
07.03.2021Economy2 Stops114 306 ml114
05.03.2021EconomyDirect87 306 ml87
06.03.2021EconomyDirect50 306 ml50
01.03.2021EconomyDirect95 306 ml95
01.03.2021Economy1 Stop134 306 ml134
06.03.2021Economy2 Stops103 306 ml103
12.03.2021Economy2 Stops126 306 ml126
08.03.2021EconomyDirect43 306 ml43

BOS-NYC Flight Tickets Booking by Date


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Direct Flights from Boston to New York

Departure atFlightAirlineFind tickets
10.03.2021 (ZZ 4870)84
20.04.2021Spirit Airlines (NK 1205)40

Round-trip Tickets from Boston to New York

Departure atReturn atFlightStopsFind tickets
20.04.202128.04.2021Spirit Airlines (NK 1205)Direct 40
20.04.202128.04.2021Spirit Airlines (NK 294)2 Stops 52
23.04.202126.04.2021Spirit Airlines (NK 1205)3 93
21.04.202129.04.2021Spirit Airlines (NK 1189)4 131

BOS-NYC Compare Airline Prices

Departure atReturn atStopsPriceFlight numberAirlineFind tickets
05.03.202108.03.2021Direct90 355290
06.03.202108.03.2021Direct97 57997
12.03.202114.03.2021Direct86 487086
06.04.202108.04.2021Direct88 481388
20.04.202128.04.2021Direct40 120540
21.04.202129.04.20213131 1189131
23.04.202126.04.20212 Stops93 120593
24.04.202125.04.2021Direct62 118962
25.04.202126.04.2021Direct53 118953

* Total price includes taxes + fees for 1 adult. Additional bag fees and other fees may apply.

Boston-New York Flight is Served by Airlines

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Departure Logan International Airport (Boston)

Weather: [simple-weather location=”Boston, United States” days=”2″]
  • Airport Name: Logan International Airport
  • Country Code: US
  • City Code: BOS
  • Airport Code: BOS
  • Flightable: Active
  • Time Zone: America/New_York
  • Latitude: 42.36646
  • Longitude: -71.02018

Destination LaGuardia Airport (New York)

Weather: [simple-weather location=”New York, United States” days=”2″]
  • Airport Name: LaGuardia Airport
  • Country Code: US
  • City Code: NYC
  • Airport Code: LGA
  • Flightable: Active
  • Time Zone: America/New_York
  • Latitude: 40.774254
  • Longitude: -73.87162

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* Checked baggage is not included but may be added for a fee. Carry-on baggage limits, including size restrictions, will be strictly applied. Passengers with more than the applicable carry-on baggage allowance will need to check in baggage, and charges will apply.